You can access Arduino Create web editor by vising

Visit Arduino Create Editor

Arduino Create Web Editor

You can write code in the editor and save them. But you can’t upload the code to the board yet. You need to install the Arduino plugin. Let’s install the Arduino plugin now.

Arduino Web Editor Plugin Installation

1. Visit Plugin Welcome Page

Visit Plugin Welcome Page

Welcome to Arduino Plugin Installation

Click START.

2. Download the Arduino Plugin

Here you can download the plugin, if it is not already installed on your system.

Download the Arduino Plugin

Click DOWNLOAD to start the download.

3. Install the Arduino Plugin

After downloading, extract the compressed file and double click to start the installation wizard.

Start Plugin Installation

4. Plugin Installation Successful

After successful installation of the Arduino plugin, you get the following screen. Congratulations! You are all set.

Arduino Plugin Installtion Complete

Now click GO TO WEB EDITOR to start uploading the code to the board.

Uploading the Arduino Car Sketch

Download the Zip File

The zip file contains the code to control Arduino car via Bluetooth.

Download Zip Archive

Go to Sketchbook > Import Icon. Upload the zip file you just downloaded.

You can see the code in your editor window.

Click on Upload Icon to Upload the Sketch to the Board.

Arduino Plugin Upload Button

Now you can use your smartphone to control the Arduino car.

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